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Recently Vision Construction has received a lot of calls to price out custom trim work and painting in existing rooms for homeowners in New Jersey. While meeting with the homeowners we always make them aware that Vision Construction always goes the extra mile.

Spackle Repairs in Mendham, NJ

While viewing the photo above please take note of the hundreds of spackle repairs on the existing walls and ceiling of a master bedroom custom trim and paint project in Mendham, NJ. During our visit to your home we always pinpoint specific areas that we will address where other contractors may try to skimp or not include it in their proposal. Some contractors do this in order to keep the price down or keep their price lower than other contractors bidding on the work. Regrettably these contractors will also often bring this up as they are working on the project and ask for “extra”. Every now and then we are told that our price is more expensive than the other guy to which I reply “please make sure the bids are apples to apples”.

As you can see in the photo above, when Vision Construction is asked to price painting of existing areas we will always go the extra mile to repair any existing substandard or settlement issues. On this particular job in Mendham the homeowner mentioned that we were the only contractor that even addressed the issue. As you can see in the picture the walls and ceiling of this 1.5 million dollar home built by one of the biggest builders in the state were in really rough shape. The material and labor cost of spackling this project was over 12% of the total contract price. Even though the other bidders were 10-15% lower than us and the homeowner would have saved $600, they went with us. Why? Because sacrificing quality and attention to detail just to save a bit money wasn’t worth it.

When we take the time to be upfront and explain where the disparities are in a proposal, homeowners will often thank us and ultimately give us the job. Unfortunately sometimes there are homeowners who never call us back to let us explain where the difference in quality and price lie. Furthermore, some homeowners want us to sacrifice quality for price when they say “thanks for being so thorough but we would like you to minus the price out of your proposal and we will take our chances.”

The homeowner of the project above specifically said “the reason why we hired you is because you seem like the extra mile type of company”.

Let us know your thoughts on this subject.

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